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Horizon specializes in tailored learning approaches for children and young adults with educational needs. By using research based recommendations and realistic interventions, we help families uncover the path forward to improving the quality of education for those that need alternative learning methods.


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We go above and beyond
Our evaluations

We go above and beyond Our evaluations

We follow through by meeting with you and your educational institution (in person or over the phone) to advocate for the needs of our client. 

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Horizon's specialty is education based psychological services. We begin with a psychological assessment to address the individual's needs, behaviors, personality, and capabilities. With the information gathered from these assessments, we build a clear picture of how to design an educational experience to enrich the individual's life.

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Parent Support

Learn how to positively impact your child's overall educational performance.

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Groups provide an excellent opportunity for excelled growth and interpersonal skills.

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Meet the Team

We have the Best Minds

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